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PacMan (Parody of Beatles - Taxman, rare) - Weird Al Yankovic

Testo Brano Canzone tradotto PacMan (Parody of Beatles - Taxman, rare) di Weird Al Yankovic (one, two, thray, four)(...

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PacMan (Parody of Beatles - Taxman, rare) (Weird Al Yankovic)

(one, two, thray, four)
(one, two)
I used to be a pinball freak
That's where you'd find me every week
But now it's Pacman
Yeah it's the Pacman
I love to gobble up those dots
Keep pumpin' quarters in the slots
They call it Pacman
Yeah it's the Pacman
At the game arcade, they say I'm hard core
I can play all day 'til my hands are sore
And I quit my job just to play some more
But I won't give up 'til I break high score
Well it's the Pacman
Yeah it's the Pacman
Well it takes a lot of cash to play
(Pacman, get the cherry)
So I'm gonna sell my house today
(Pacman, eat 'em up)
I'm playin' Pacman
Yeah it's the Pac-ma-an
Hey mom, I won't be home this year
Please forward all my mail right here
I'm at the Pacman
Yeah it's the Pacman
And you're playing with no one but me
[sound from when Pacman dies]




Data: 09/03/21
Ora: 01:08:11
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